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The only way for your business to operate exceptionally and withstand the test of time is by sustainability. With ESG and BCG playing a big part of growing business and the world together, you will need a SUSTAINABILITY PARTNERSHIP.
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Raising the level of doing business by taking into account the sustainability policy for your business and turning to a value business .

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Making entrepreneurs, business owners and who is determined to understand and apply sustainability policies to their business efficiently and smoothly when receiving services from us.

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Consulting and designing strategies which focus on creating long-term sustainable growth of the business. Taking into account of the responsibility and achievement of goals of sustainable development.

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Climate change (or global warming) is a critical concern everywhere around the world and buildings are a key target of global policies that promotes environmentally sustainable development. There are many schemes, criteria and policies for either control or convince people to take care of an environment. However, those schemes have never achieved their goal because the only environmental concern is not enough to stop the rotten world. This is important to spotlight on social and financial concern simultaneously. In reality, not in academic realm, the financial issue plays an important role of sustainability inform of investment and government support. Without investment in the sustainability market or support from the government the social will not respond to any schemes.

Frequently Asked Questions

The current global warming situation has resulted in the global start of trade measures aimed at sustainability by the United Nations, such as import-export tariffs, international carbon credit trading. Including requiring of company's sustainability activities be reported on the stock exchange. As a result, businesses in the supply chain have to pay more attention to sustainability policies. Therefore, these can increase the opportunity to sell products or services that meet more sustainability needs. Including possibly receiving some tax deductions in the future
คือการเขียนรายงานกิจกรรมที่ลดผลกระทบที่ไม่สร้างความไม่ยั่งยืนทุกด้านที่เกิดขึ้นในบริษัทนั้นๆ เพื่อยื่นรายงานรายปีต่อ กลต. ของบริษัทที่จดทะเบียนในตลาดหลักทรัพย์ โดย E (Environment) หมายถึง กิจกรรมด้านสิ่งแวดล้อม S (Social) หมายถึง กิจกรรมด้านสังคม และ G (Governance) หมายถึง กิจกรรมด้านการกำกับดูแลกิจการโดยยึดโยงกับเป้าหมายการพัฒนาที่ยั่งยืนซึ่งกำหนดโดยองค์การสหประชาชาติ (SDGs)
SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals) are goals and indicators for sustainable development set by the United Nations. There are 17 main topics and 169 sub-topics covering all sectors for all countries around the world.

BCG (Bio, Circular, Green Economy) is a concept about the use of renewable and renewable energy in the economy to maximize the benefits of industry resources usage to produce goods and services.

ESG Report is a requirement to report on sustainability activities set by the investment sector.
  1. Firstly, analyzing the form and production process of products and how your business is, currently

  2. Analyze how and where activities within the company meet the sustainability goals using the sustainability goals (SDGs) as a criterion.

  3. Select activities or tools that can be adapted or developed to achieve the chosen goal.

The most important thing is to create sustainability for the planet and life. In some countries and industries may benefit from tax measures, such as using carbon credits to reduce import taxs to the EU (CBAM-Carbon Boarder Adjustment Mechanism) for certain export businesses, etc.
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